• Arrival and Entry

  • What to Bring

  • Banned Items

  • Security

  • Accessibility

  • Join our crew

  • First Aid and your wellbeing

  • Lost and Found

  • Food and Drink

  • Set Times

  • Site Map

  • COVID 19 Safety

  • Tickets



  • Travel and Transport

Arrival and Entry + -

Gates open at 12 noon to all of our The Grass is Greener events in 2022. If you are keen to be one of the first in line we recommend you planning your journey to arrive ready for gates open. Please ensure you have your ticket and photo ID ready for scanning for quick entry. Security will also want to check your bags. Set Times will be released closer to the event so you can plan out your day.

The main entry for TGIG Cairns is via the Scott Street gate.

What to Bring + -

We recommend you bring everything you need for the entire day, there are no passouts so you won’t be able to leave and grab an extra jumper or hat.

  • Screenshot of your ticket or printed copy of the ticket
  • Photo ID - must be the card not on your phone
  • Cash and cards
  • Sunscreen (up to 110 ml only), sunglasses and a hat
  • A jacket or jumper to keep you warm when the sun goes down
  • Reusable water bottle
  • A pair of comfortable shoes
  • Banned Items + -

    Security will be performing bag checks and you will be asked to hand over any items that are on the banned list below - so best to leave these things at home.
    Attempting to bring these banned items into the event may result in confiscation or denied entry.

    Anything that could cause harm is a prohibited item and will not be permitted entry to the venue.

  • Bags larger than 20cm x 30xm (A4)
  • Alcohol
  • Illegal substances, including illicit or synthetic substances
  • Weapons or dangerous items of any kind including laser pointers, selfie sticks, plastic guns
  • Glass and aluminum containers of any kind (including perfume bottles)
  • Cans, aerosols and metal water bottles
  • Liquid of any kind including hydration packs or bladders (empty plastic water bottles are allowed - no glass or metal bottles)
  • Creams over 110mL (this includes sunscreen over 110mL)
  • Make-up in glass containers (anything not in a glass container is OK)
  • Prescription medication without the label showing your name that matches your ID
  • Loose medication (Original sealed prescription meds are ok but will be subject to review by qualified medical staff – please note! This takes time upon entry)
  • Video and audio recording devices, including GoPros, selfie sticks & drones (other than mobile phones)
  • Professional still cameras or professional audio/visual recording devices (small cameras ARE allowed, fits in your pocket? It’s OK!)
  • Strictly no animals (with the exception of service or assistance animals, such as Guide Dogs)
  • Promotional material of any kind including stickers, flyers, flags
  • Flags and flag poles
  • Vapes & E-Cigs
  • Umbrellas (please use a plastic poncho or a raincoat instead)
  • No food or beverages
  • All receptacles must be empty - all bottles must be empty
  • Flares, Fireworks or laser lights
  • Bicycles, skateboards, surfboards, hoverboards, scooters or personalized motor vehicles.
  • Portable seating of any kind
  • Tables, Eskies, Coolers, tents, sun shelters
  • Metal Cutlery and Bottle Openers
  • Aerosols
  • Studding Clothing
  • Clothing, jewellery or accessory displaying the name of any motorcycle-related or similar organisations or any “declared organisation” within the meaning of the Crimes (Criminal Organisation Control) Act 2009 is not permitted, and you will be refused entry without refund.
  • Hi-visibility vests or clothing impersonating event staff, gang related uniforms (including bandanas and jackets) or uniforms that impersonate police, event staff or other emergency service personal.
  • Any items determined as dangerous by Security or Event Staff

  • Security + -

    Patrons have the right to refuse a search, however, those that do so acknowledge they will be refused entry to the event without a refund.

    ‍If you feel at any time that your or someone else’s health or safety is compromised, please advise the nearest staff member, security guard, or police officer.

    Failure to comply with any health measures implemented or directives given by either local, state, or federal governments, or Event Staff or Security may result in eviction without the right to re-entry or to obtain a refund. In case of Evacuation, please follow the directives of venue event staff and all emergency services personnel.

    Accessibility + -

    The Grass is Greener strives towards inclusivity and ensuring our events are accessible, however, please be mindful that the event is set upon natural terrain and is at times uneven and can be challenging to navigate.

    We have put provisions in place to best accommodate people with additional accessibility requirements including accessible toilets and parking, for more information regarding accessibility at the event please reach out to us via hello@thegrassisgreener.com.au

    Join our crew + -

    Work directly for the event

    The Grass is Greener is always looking for enthusiastic, reliable and committed people to join our team. We are looking for people on ticket scanning, merch stand, event site roles and more.

    We have a number of positions available, if you are interested in being apart of The Grass is Greener 2022 team please complete the following form


    Work for the bar crew

    Want to work in the bar?

    Click the link below to apply for bar work:

    Do you want to be a food vendor or host a market stall at our event?

    Applications are now open for each location until 31st July 2022.

    Apply today by clicking on the below link:

    First Aid and your wellbeing + -

    There will be full medical facilities available on site. First Aid tents will be easily visible on site. If you have any trouble finding our first aid tents, don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly staff for assistance.

    Lost and Found + -

    On the day all lost items will be taken to the Info Booth near the Merch Stand. After the event all items of value will be taken to the nearest Police station. Please give us 2 days post event to complete this process.

    Food and Drink + -

    Food and Drinks are not allowed into the event. No receptacle or bottles with liquid will be allowed into the event. All bottles must be empty. We will ensure a great variety of food vendors will be at the event catering to most dietary needs. However if you have a specific allergy and are concerned, you will be allowed to bring your own “non commercial” food into the event.

    Set Times + -

    Coming soon

    Site Map + -

    Coming soon

    COVID 19 Safety + -

    Please DO NOT attend if:

  • You are feeling unwell or displaying cold/flu-like symptoms, or if you have been in close contact with a person who is positive for COVID-19, please contact your doctor.
  • You are positive for COVID-19.
  • You have traveled overseas or been to, or have come from, a declared COVID-19 Hotspot in the previous 14 days.

  • Whilst attending The Grass is Greener, all patrons, staff, and contractors will be required to adhere to all Queensland Health directives as well as all local, state, and federal laws.
    If you are awaiting a test result during the event dates for The Grass is Greener, please contact hello@thegrassisgreener.com.au and we will be able to provide you with a ticket for a future event, or a

    Evidence of a COVID-19 test will be required in this situation.
    It is recommended you download the Commonwealth Government COVIDSafe app.

    Tickets + -

    When can I purchase tickets to The Grass is Greener?

    Your best chance to secure tickets to The Grass is Greener is by registering for presale.

    Presale date is Wednesday 13th July
    GA Ticket Sale is Thursday 14th July

    How many tickets can I purchase at one time?

    Ticket holders can purchase up to 10 tickets per transaction.

    Do I need my name on my ticket?

    Yes, we require all ticket holders to have the correct name and contact details associated with each of their tickets. Names will be checked against the ticket on the day.
    If you need to process a name change please contact us via hello@thegrassisgreener.com.au

    I can’t find my ticket

    lease log in to your Festicket account and check your wallet.

    Do I have to bring a hard copy of my ticket or can it be on my phone?

    We recommend taking a screenshot of your ticket on your phone if you don’t wish to print your ticket. Sometimes phone service will drop out and you may not be able to access your ticket online.

    I have some more ticketing questions?

    Contact Festicket or email us at hello@thegrassisgreener.com.au for any other ticket-related questions.

    Ticketing Terms and Conditions

    Please check https://www.festicket.com/booking-conditions/ for more information.

    Can I resell my ticket?

    You can resell your ticket through our official resale facility for free. We STRONGLY recommend you do not attempt to buy a ticket from anybody unless it’s via the resale system where tickets will be resold at the original sale price subject to availability. Resale facility and dates will be announced soon.

    Is Viagogo Legit?

    No way! Viagogo is a oh-no-no. Although it may look legit and the technology seems sophisticated, Viagogo is NOT a The Grass is Greener ticket seller. Never has been, never will be. Don’t be fooled by the Google ads.

    Viagogo sells two different types of illegitimate tickets:

  • Fake tickets
  • Legit tickets that have been sold to multiple people, with no way of knowing how many times it has been sold.

  • The Grass is Greener ticketing team cannot and will not accept tickets purchased on Viagogo (or any third-party ticket seller). Viagogo also sell the tickets at extremely inflated prices, with booking fees that are often $100+.

    Viagogo isn’t the only culprit, with other sites including Queen of Tickets, eBay and even Facebook. Festicket is the only ticket outlet to buy The Grass is Greener tickets, so we suggest signing up for an account or if you already have one, and getting your logins at the ready.

    Can I sell my ticket on a social media platform?

    Selling tickets through any third party website goes against The Grass is Greener ticket T&C’s. If you need to sell your ticket, you can do so through the official resale system. Any tickets found to be sold on Social Media will be canceled, and posts advertising tickets will be removed.

    Payment Plans

    How it works

    Our payment plan is a great way to secure your booking while spreading your payments. Loved by our customers!

    1. Spread your payments over time
    Select our payment plan at checkout and pay your deposit by card. Your next installments will be automatically scheduled. Easily log in to your account at any time to view your installment schedule or update your card details.

    2. Easy and automated plan
    You’ll receive a reminder email ahead of each instalment. If ever a payment fails, no worries, we’ll notify you and attempt 2 more times over a 6-day grace period. Our customer service is always available to help you.

    3. Ready to go!
    Once all your payments are completed, you’re ready to go!

    Can I get a refund?

    If, due to increased government restrictions, the event cannot take place as planned, we will endeavor to postpone the event. If possible it will be rescheduled to later in 2022, a date will be announced at the time of postponement if required.

  • All tickets will be automatically transferred to the new event date.
  • If you cannot attend the new date, refunds WILL be offered at that time. More information will be provided to all ticket holders in this situation.
  • If you have tested positive for COVID-19, or are awaiting a test result during the event dates for The Grass Is Greener, please contact hello@thegrassisgreener.com.au and we will be able to provide you with a ticket for a future event, or a refund. Evidence of a COVID-19 test will be required in this situation.

  • If we are required to reduce capacity, the following will occur:
  • The first purchased tickets up to the allowable capacity will still be valid.
  • All other tickets will automatically be transferred to another event date.
  • If your ticket is transferred to the new date and you cannot attend that date, you WILL be able to request a refund.
  • If your tickets remain valid for the current dates and you cannot attend, unfortunately, refunds will not be offered. You can resell your tickets through our official ticket resale facility.
  • Resale

    We will announce our official resale platform in early August


    When can I purchase tickets to The Grass is Greener?

    Your best chance to secure tickets to The Grass is Greener is by registering for presale.

    Presale date - Wednesday 13th July

    GA Onsale date - Thursday 14th July

    Do you accept companion cards?

    When you arrive at the event, head straight to the Box Office where our team will sight your valid companion card and scan in the general admission ticket of the person you are accompanying. Both the ticket holder and the companion will be wristbanded and ready to enter the event. For any further information relating to the accessibility and companion cards please contact us on hello@thegrassisgreener.com.au.

    Do you offer complimentary birthday tickets?

    Unfortunately, no, we do not offer complimentary birthday tickets.

    Is entry included in my VIP ticket?

    Yes, all VIP passes include event entry.

    Is Grass is Greener all ages?

    No, The Grass is Greener is an 18+ event only and you will need to show valid Photo ID to enter.

    Security MUST sight your physical Photo ID in person and will not accept photos of IDs on peoples phones

    You will need one of the following photo IDs on arrival and on your person throughout the entire event:

  • Current valid Australian driver’s license (with the photograph)
  • Current Passport
  • Government Issued Proof of Age Card
  • Keypass
  • International Driver’s License (must contain a photograph)
  • Are there passouts?

    Unfortunately, there are no pass outs, so consider what you need for the festival before you arrive.

    Will the event go ahead in bad weather?

    The Grass is Greener will go ahead rain, hail or shine!

    If there are severe and destructive weather conditions we may be forced to postpone, if this is the case then all ticket holders will be contacted as soon as possible.

    What type of camera can I bring?

    You can bring anything from an iPhone to a disposable camera however we do not permit professional cameras of any kind. Any camera with a detachable lens is not permitted.

    Can I bring my water bottle?

    We strongly encourage you to bring a reusable water bottle to The Grass is Greener! We have multiple water stations for you to access throughout the day to fill it up and stay hydrated. When entering the festival, make sure that the water bottle is completely empty. For patrons safety, it should not be made from metal or glass.

    What is The Grass is Greener Drug Policy?

    Illicit substances are not welcome at The Grass is Greener. Local police and their dogs will be in attendance.

    I would like to apply to have my food van or market stall at the event - how can I do this?

    Applications are now open for each location until 31st July 2022.

    Apply today by clicking on the below link


    What time does the festival start?

    Gates will open at 12noon.

    There will be some amazing artists on from the very start, so get down early to make the most of your day!

    Can I bring my make up to the event so I can recover after being a sweaty mess dancing to my fav artist?

    You can bring your make up in so long as it isn’t in a glass container. Any glass containers will be confiscated at the gates. If it’s a cream, it’ll need to be less than 110ml.

    Can I use Pay pass or credit card at the event?

    Tap and Go will be preferred at most outlets including food, merch and the bar. It is best however to not rely on your phone service so please bring your cards?

    Am I allowed to bring glass into the event?

    Glass of any kind is banned from the event. This includes but is not limited to glass water bottles, make up in glass containers and perfume bottles.

    Oh no, I am a sweaty mess, can I bring deodorant to the event?

    Nope. Not because we love your natural musk, but because all aerosols are banned from the event. Roll on and stick deodorants are fine, so long as they are under 110ml and not in glass or metal containers.

    Can I bring in sunscreen to the event?

    You are allowed to bring in personal sunscreen, as long as it is in its original container and less than 110ml. Anything over 110ml won’t make it past security.

    There will be heaps of free sunscreen at each first aid tent, with the Red Frogs crew and the info tents.

    Can I BYO Alcohol?

    No, nope, no.

    I have a serious food allergy can I bring my food into the event?

    Food and Drinks are not allowed into the event. No receptacle or bottles with liquid will be allowed into the event. All bottles must be empty. We will ensure a great variety of food vendors will be at the event catering to most dietary needs. However if you have a specific allergy and are concerned, you will be allowed to bring your own “non commercial” food into the event.

    Can I grab some cool merchandise at the event?

    Yes there will be an awesome merch tent at the event with some of your fav artist gear along with TGIG 22 Gear.

    Am I allowed to smoke at the event?

    You can only smoke in the designated areas. Food and drinks will not be allowed into these areas. No Vaps or E-cigs are allowed into the event as they contain liquid.

    Can I bring in my own medication?

    If you need to bring in prescription medication to the festival, you’ll need to make sure it is in its original packaging with the dispensary label.

  • The name on the label must match the ID of the ticket holder.
  • First aid tents will have most over-the-counter medication available such as Panadol, aspirin, antihistamines as well as sanitary items for you to access inside the event.
  • You can find their locations on the official The Grass Is Greener map released closer to the date.

  • If you have an epi-pen you will need to bring your medical certificate from your doctor with you to the event. Upon entry you will need to make yourself known to the entry gate medical staff who will review your documents and medication.

    Is there a cloakroom onsite?

    At this stage there is no cloakroom planned for The Grass is Greener events so please bring items you can carry.

    Where will everything be located at the event?

    Sure is! We’ll be releasing the map for you a week or two before the show.

    We can send you a copy as soon as it’s live, just make sure you’ve signed up.

    How will I know what the weather will be like?

    Best to keep an eye on the forecasts for the area. We will be going ahead rain or shine so please make sure you plan to bring what you need to stay and have fun.

    How will I know when my fav artist is playing?

    Set times will be available a couple of weeks before the event day! Sign up to our newsletter to be the first to know.

    Closing time?

    The final act will finish on stage at 10pm, as much as we would love to stay and party with you, you will then need to head home

    Any shady areas?

    There are some chill out areas in the shade but please bring your hat and utilise the free sunscreen from first aid and the info booth to stay extra sun safe.

    Can I get cash out at the event?

    We will have ATM’s at the event, but most items are tap and go including food vendors, merch and the bar.

    Can I charge my phone?

    The info booth near the merch stand will have limited phone charging capabilities so be sure to fully charge your phone before coming.

    Travel and Transport + -

    Traveling from out of town?

    Traveling to Cairns is super easy from so many destinations. Tropical North Queensland is closer than you think – and it’s really easy to get to. Cairns is the main airport hub, with lots of domestic and international flights arriving daily. You can catch the Spirit of Queensland train from Brisbane to Cairns five days a week and there are regular buses running up and down the coast. Driving is also a great option so you can hire a car, four-wheel drive or campervan and hit the road.

    Further information can be found at Tropical NQPlan your trip.

    Cairns Accommodation and Destination

    There’s No Place Like It On Earth!

    Connect with nature in a place unlike anywhere else – fringed by reef and enveloped by rainforest, the world’s warmest welcome is waiting for you.

    Tropical North Queensland

    Where is the venue?

    The Grass is Greener Cairns is hosted each year at the Cairns Showgrounds. Entry for this event is through the Scott Street Gate.

    Event Site Transport Information

    Public Parking
    Limited public parking exists directly across the road from the event entry site at Barlow Park or in the surrounding streets of the showgrounds.

    Regular Bus Services can drop you at the Cairns Showgrounds on Mulgrave Road.

    It is then a short walk (2min) down Severin Street to the Scott Street Entrance Gate.

    Follow the Translink Website to plan your journey

    A dedicated Taxi Rank will be set up on Severin Street, please contact 131 008 to make your booking.

    Rideshare and Public Drop off and pick up
    A dedicated Rideshare and Public Drop off and Pick up point will be located on Scott Street near the entrance to the site. This is strictly a drop and go zone - no cars will be able to park and wait for their passengers. Patrons should be ready to go.